Meta’s Threads has 70+ Million usre Singups Just two days

Meta's Twitter rival Threads explodes to 70+ million singups twodas ater lunch

Threads launched on Wednesday as an alternative social media app to direct challeng to Elon Musk’s Twitter had 237.8 million users as of july 2022, Meta’s new Twitter competitor Threads has exploded in terms of social media growth in its frist full day since its public debut WEdnesday night, in term users are instagram’s already … Read more

Why Japan is lagging behind in generative A.I and how it can create its own large language models

Japan is thought for the made of its own futuristic expertise But the nation lagging behind within the create a generative AI tool rase and is attempting to create its own personal massive language fashions. All Countries are race build and develop theirs own generative artificial intelligence ( AI ) algorithms ,but high technology Countries … Read more