Meta launches Instagram Threads in a Direct challenge to twitter

Meta announcement on Wednesday officially launched new app is called Threads, Which is intended to offer a space for real time conversations on online , Threads is a text based messaging app that look very similar to twitter.

Instagrams standalone messaging app that is Threads to shutting down.

this photo taken in New York on Wednesday , 5th of July show the logo for Meta new app Threads this image collect from the AP news

Meta is appearing target to users looking foe a alternative to the social media platform and frequently changed to the apps features by Elon musk.

Mark Zuckerberg , Meta’s CEO and co-founder of the meta , are officially announced the debut app of the Threads on Wednesday mid night Official release in the Social media networking giant’s next text Focused messaging app. this app available on Google Android and store in more than 100 Countries including U.S , Britain , Canada ,Australia and also Japan .

Called Threads the offering is billed it is a text based apps version of Meta’s photos sharing app like Instagram .Threads shares Twitter’s visual as a text based social messaging app in which user can be post short message , and any others features are also available can be like share , comment upon , according to Screenshots .

Threads is new features show to user most valuable experience Twitter like microblogging experience , according to screenshots provided to the media, suggesting that like Meta platforms has been challenge the platform after the Elon Musk’s tumultuous ownership has results in unpopular change to small thing that the experience to users and advertisers.

The people will be able to follow the same accounts like that they also follow on Instagram and reply and post also any other people post and Twitter. this app also available to buttons to repost, Like, Reply to quote a ‘Threads” and counters showing the numbers of like and reply that a post has received .

Mark Zuckerberg Announcement after the few hours user are very crazy to downloaded Threads app to Crossed 5 million sing ups within the hours.

” Our vision is that Threads will be a new app more focused on the dialogue and text , modeled after what the Instagram has also done for photo, and video ” this statement said to Company.

Threads is announced all the people are login to Threads app also their existing Instagram usernames and they can be follow the same account on the new app. Whatever it is you are interested in you can follow and connect directly with our favorite creators or person to build a loyal fans following of your own to share your ideas , opinion , creativity with the world.

”Threads is where communities come together to discus about everything from all the topics you can care about today and future its provide all new thing that can be make a Trending tomorrow ”

Meta said to your creativity were you posted by other user that they follow , in show their accounts and people who love that content that is recommended to all others creators who users may not know.

Meta emphasized measures to keep all users accounts information safe , including enforcing Instagram community guidelines and providing tools to user are also control their privacy or hide the personal information.

people will be able to publish on Threads app on posts that ar up to 500 characters long , and app is geared toward text , people will also be able to share the link to any other platform like photo, videos ,microblogging and video can be as long as 5min.

Threads are available to posts via story features in addition to any other platform you choose .

Meta new offering however has raised data privacy Concerns:

Threads app could collect a wide range of user personal information , including Health, Financial, Contacts , Browsing and search History , Location , Any other data and sensitiver information of user are according to its privacy to this App store .

Threads would be take advantages of users personal privacy from this app to other Instagram , including loction , history private information , pre techcrunch , Due to concern about the Company’s Data use methods using Facebook and Instagram data the DPC previously intervened to stop Meta from introducing new service on whatapp in the European union.

One place Threads won’t be rolled out the concern in European country to Union whis has strict to data privacy violation rules .

All the analysts said its running success is far from guaranteed , citing Meta’s track break all past records of starting standalone apps that were later shut down.

Mark Zuckerberg also has been create a Metaverse , investing 10 billons of dollars in the virtual reality concept.

he’s made a new series to changes the new Design to have trigger backlash , the latest being to daily limits on the number of users re tweets people can give his own point of view on tweets can try to stop unauthorized scraping of potentially valuable to the data. all of those users now requiring to paid verification for users to access the online.

The release of threads all of comes as to tweeter has suffered a mishaps under the ownership of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, leaving the most of the popular social messaging app vulnerable to competing apps .

The numerous tweeter user are publicly complaining about Elon Musk to imposing a temporary so called rate of the limits on tweeter paid user experience , users are saying that the Tweet limits make the apps a less engaging experience to all users.

Elon Musk hand doen twitter restriction amid global outages :

Threads app shared all the platform to make a several similarity with Treads and Tweeter apps as it follows users to make post video , photo , tweets user also can post ling video , tweets reply , post replay , message to users .

threads also featured a central feed that including the post from they follow nearly the same thing happened on both of the platform Design like tweeter. the app also recommends content one unknow user that post may rank on top , user are also can turn of the notification button for specific user , both are also features on Twitter.

Elon Musk’s rivalry with the Zuckerberg could up spilling over to the real life . in an online exchange the two billionaires agreed to a cage match face off thought the it’s unclear if they will actually make it to the ring .

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