Meta’s Threads has 70+ Million usre Singups Just two days

  • Threads is fastest growing social media app, after the lunch 70+ million user are download and this app create a new history metaverse and surprising to Mark Zuckerberg .
  • threads is text based social media product already user has singup , Meta CEO Mark Zukerberg said on friday .
  • “Meta only needs to 1 in 4 instgram users are used to threads ” ,Threads is direct challenge to Twitter .

Threads launched on Wednesday as an alternative social media app to direct challeng to Elon Musk’s Twitter had 237.8 million users as of july 2022,

Meta’s new Twitter competitor Threads has exploded in terms of social media growth in its frist full day since its public debut WEdnesday night, in term users are instagram’s already massive userbase.

The text based social media paltform already has 70+ million singups , Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday .

Threads is no stopping scince 5th of july its going viral after the launched . Top treading on Twitter and topping the free app charts on the App Store and Google play, Threads has emerged as the most serious threads to the embattled social media platform among recent clones.

As of Thrusday afternoon , the Verge reported that users had already posted more than 100+ million post and 210+ million likes , based on the internet source of company data it had viewed.

5 Reasons why Threads is blowing Up

1. Meta provides Instant creadibility

Meta knoows social , knows how to scale and knows how to build buy successful platform on internet. Many things the company has tried to build but they have faild to build social network , too but anythings it starts gets attention

As over the twitter imploded over the past 9 months under the Elon Musk’s leadership, they have manu alternative mastodon, discord, post ,bluesky but Meta has instant credibility .its runs 4 billions-plus users platforms

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Instagram

2. Threads solved thr cold start problem

Meta create the social media platform to all people to connetion in one media , Instagram that means that on day one, you have friends , contacts and content . Ex nihilo, you have a virbant social gpoups on Threads … as long as had a crew on Istagram.

Meta can be build to platforms to user can enjoy and connet to friends ,family and any othe peoples who not knows to creates a frind zones .

3.Algorithmic feed by default

As much as people hate it the algorithmic feed on Twitter is usually better than your following feed . in the same way to Threads algorithm can make a auto feed provides strongs content from one day, even if you did not import your whole Instagram graph.

Meta has learned this from the how build a algorithm from facebook from Instagram it was a hard lesson TikTok taught the company.

4. Nostagia

Threads feels like Twitter like Twitter from years ago Simple way Barebones .

There are big missing features but one of the big features is those missing which takes the emphasis off the tools and the platformsd and back where it was always meant to be ;people and their thoughts and ideas.

5.New audience for text based Newsy social

Twitter has only about the 300milion users . there are billions or more in the world who do not used it, Threads just might be the app that entices them to try out a more text heavy , simple and news , event , content focused social paltform.

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